Eric Andre & Derrick Beckles Team up for New Adult Swim Show, ‘Mostly 4 Millennials’

Eric Andre & Derrick Beckles Team up for New Adult Swim Show, ‘Mostly 4 Millennials’

Eric Andre and Derrick Beckles think they know a thing or two about millennials. Soon the dynamic comedy duo will be beaming their wisdom about the “More Greatest Generation” into homes via a new show they are producing for Adult Swim called Mostly 4 Millennials. The Turner network offspring shared the news today. Eric also posted about it via his Instagram.

Similar to The Eric Andre Show, Mostly 4 Millennials is a quarter-hour live-action comedy series. It will feature content geared towards its namesake, who, according to Adult Swim, are an “incredibly important generation of humans”. The show seeks to tap into the millennial way of life.

Eric and Derrick have worked together previously on Adult Swim’s The Eric Andre Show. Derrick’s other projects for the network include parody shows Totally for Teens, and Hot Package, which is a send up of entertainment shows like Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood.

Along with the news of Mostly 4 Millennials, Adult Swim also announced a new special from comedian Jena Friedman. She will add some much-needed estrogen to the network’s male-leaning programming. Running 30 minutes, her special will touch on evergreen issues related to politics, gender and American culture.

Mostly 4 Millennials and Jena Friedman’s as-of-yet un-named comedy special will beef up Adult Swim’s original live-action series portfolio, which also includes Decker and Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories as well as Jon Glaser’s Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter, which returns to the network for Season 2 on Monday, May 22. Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter fans can get a sneak preview of the new season at the free Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter Season 2 Fan He-Yump-Vent at The Bell House on Friday, May 19. RSVP here to get in.