Father John Misty Shares Trump-Era Song “Holy Hell”, Working on Gambles Next Record

Father John Misty Shares Trump-Era Song “Holy Hell”, Working on Gambles Next Record

If you’re a fan of Father John Misty (aka Joshua Tillman) then you probably know he wasn’t rooting for Trump. In fact, the musician had a total meltdown at a festival gig right after Trump officially became the Republican Party’s presidential nominee. Instead of performing his signature “Bored in the USA” , he spent the set ranting about evil and how entertainment is stupid. He was having a profound moment of despair, and some of his fans just wanted him to shut up and play. As you can imagine, it didn’t end well.

Flash-forward to today, and FJM is clearly distraught over the outcome of the election. He’s been posting ramblings on his Facebook page that have drawn both positive and negative feedback. And, according to Tim Heidecker of Tim & Eric fame, the two men got together for dinner post-election. The meeting was the result of FJM covering Heidecker’s politically charged “Trump’s Pilot” (you can listen to FJM’s cover here). The pair agreed they had work to do and needed to keep making stuff, which, may have a little to do with FJM posting a new song to his Soundcloud today. The tune, entitled “Holy Hell”, is a piano ballad that delivers a rallying call for people to get involved with what’s happening in the country. You can find the lyrics and the song below.

In other FJM news, it appears that the folk rocker will be helping Matthew Daniel Siskin, aka Gambles, with his new record. Siskin’s latest musical output has been concerned with “normalization”. You can stream his most recent album, Vicious Times, here. Siskin is also the founder and creative director of designedmemory, and maintains an Instagram account under the handle we_have_to_stop (update: the Instagram is now hello_gambles) that highlights images of people taking inappropriate selfies, examples of the negative effects of commercialization, and more. He recently posted that he was going to be taking a hiatus from Instagram to record his new record with FJM and drummer Dan Bailey. We’re looking forward to hearing what comes out of their collaboration.

Holy Hell Lyrics

Hell, holy hell, holy hell
Damn the future ain’t looking so bright
Never asked for a paradise,
but 70 years would be nice
My brothers and sisters and I
The impossible dream of mankind
I’ve always been the irrational type

Hell, what the hell, what the hell
This thing’s got us all in its grip
The economy just don’t explain this
This unfathomable nameless rift
Who knows if it even exists
It’s just some highly effective rhetoric
Used by perverts who get off on it

But oh my friends
Yeah, I’m talking to you
The world won’t end unless we want it to
There’s no one in control
And it’s our life to choose


Photo by Mindy Bond