Live Stream Sundance Film Festival Talks with Rebecca Hall, Christopher Nolan, Michael Shannon & More

Live Stream Sundance Film Festival Talks with Rebecca Hall, Christopher Nolan, Michael Shannon & More

It’s not quite as exciting as actually being there, but with the advent of technology, you can live stream Sundance. You won’t be able to get into the films, although the festival’s Facebook page is did live stream Nat Parker’s in-the-Eccles intro of Birth of a Nation earlier today, but you can be a fly on the wall for many of the festival’s talks. And, don’t discount the talks, they can be both informative and entertaining. If you have a chance, we recommend catching up on the TimesTalks which already occurred between John Krasinski (The Hollars) and Thomas Middleditch (Joshy) (pictured above), and Werner Herzog (Lo and Behold) and Joshua Oppenheimer (The Look of Silence).

Adobe is also live streaming interviews with filmmakers during the festival. Their series is entitled Pillow Talk and it is happening at the Airbnb Haus, which is located right in the middle of things on Main Street. TV and radio host Jonathan Hyla, and producer Anthony Veneziale are conducting the discussions from the comfort of a bed. Guests have already included the filmmakers behind the documentary Richard Linklater: Dream is Destiny, and Q and Shashank Arora from the film Brahman Naman.

Deadline Hollywood has a panel series they are doing from the Samsung Studio on Park Avenue. There doesn’t seem to be a schedule posted, but you can tune into their website or YouTube page to try to catch it. It seems that the panels are taking place at 12pm MT most days. They have already done panels with the filmmakers/cast of Birth of a Nation, Goat, Yoga Hosers, and Tallulah

Sundance is also live streaming its awards ceremonies. The awards for short films take place on Tuesday, January 26, and the feature film awards will given out closer to the end of the festival. Filmmaker and Sundance Institute alum Taika Waititi will be hosting the feature film awards.

Upcoming events available for you to live stream are listed below with links.

Tuesday, January 26
11:30am MT
Cinema Café: TimesTalks with Rebecca Hall and Michael Shannon
TimesTalks moderated by Cara Buckley of The New York Times
Rebecca Hall is at the festival with Christine and Michael Shannon is in two films: Frank & Lola, Complete Unknown

12:15pm MT
Pillow Talk with Andy Goldstein & Robyn Gray (Sisters: A Mobile VR Ghost Story)

2:15pm MT
Pillow Talk with Matt Johnson (Operation Avalanche)

3:45pm MT
Pillow Talk with Bobby Naderi (Under the Shadow)

4:15pm MT
Pillow Talk with Keith Stanfield (Miles Ahead)

5:15pm MT
Pillow Talk with Tahir Jetter (How To Tell You’re a Douche Bag)

9pm MT
Sundance Film Festival Short Film Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, January 27
11:30am MT
Cinema Café: TimesTalks with Keegan-Michael Key and Natasha Lyonne
Moderated by Kyle Buchanan
Keegan-Michael Key is a juror at the fest and Natasha Lyonne is in three films: Antibirth, Yoga Hosers, and The Intervention.

Thursday, January 28
11:30am MT
Cinema Café: TimesTalks with Melanie Lynskey and Imogen Poots
Melanie Lynskey is in festival film The Intervention and Imogen Poots appears in two films screening, Frank & Lola and Green Room.

2:30pm MT
Power of Story: The Art of Film
Since the birth of cinema, artists have found within a thin strip of celluloid film myriad forms of
expression and a magical medium through which to tell stories. In this celebration of celluloid, we look at film aesthetics, its intrinsic qualities, and its appeal to filmmakers who have made the artistic choice to employ film as a shooting format.

Join Christopher Nolan (Memento, The Dark Knight series, Interstellar), Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed, Jurassic World), Rachel Morrison (cinematographer, Fruitvale Station, What Happened Miss Simone?, Dope) and moderator Alex Ross Perry (Listen Up Philip, Queen of Earth).

Friday, January 29
11:30am MT
Cinema Café: TimesTalks with D A Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus
Moderated by Tabitha Jackson
D A Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus are at the festival with Unlocking the Cage.

Saturday, January 30
11:30am MT
Cinema Café: TimesTalks with Charlie Kaufman, Duke Johnson and Joe Passarelli

7pm MT
Sundance Film Festival Feature Films Awards Ceremony