Web Series ‘OM City’ Explores NYC Yoga Scene, Features Chris Messina, Yogi Elena Brower

Web Series ‘OM City’ Explores NYC Yoga Scene, Features Chris Messina, Yogi Elena Brower

You’re likely aware of Sex and the City, and Broad City, but now it’s time to get hip to OM City. The brainchild of Tom O’Brien (Manhattan Romance, Fairhaven) and Jessie Barr, OM City is a fictional web series that explores the trials and tribulations of a New York City yoga teacher.

Jessie Barr plays Grace, an East Village-dwelling yoga instructor who is trying to makes ends meet. She teaches classes wherever and whenever she can. One of her go-to spots is Yoga Now, a studio run by an ex-Wall Street guy (Tom O’Brien) trying to cash in on yoga’s popularity. She can also be found traveling to people’s homes for one-on-one sessions. In one episode, she grapples with an iPhone-obsessed workaholic played by Chris Messina (The Mindy Project), who seems to have only arranged the class to pacify his wife.

Grace has her flaws. She’s unlucky in the love and her family are a quirky bunch. Her brother Alex (Ean Sheehy) is an aspiring novelist/pot dealer, her mother Nancy (Maryann Plunkett) has a medical condition, and her father is playing Viola in a community theater production of Twelfth Night. She tries to use the power of yoga to cope. Grace’s mentor Elena Brower, who is a yoga and meditation teacher in real life, helps her confront some of her issues.

Refreshing and imbued with humor, what makes OM City really gel is Jessie Barr’s performance. Barr is like a toned-down Sarah Silverman and makes Grace is an incredibly likable character that you can help but root for.

Season 1 of OM City premieres on Sunday, August 30 at noon ET and consists of 7 episodes, each of which run under 10 1/2 minutes. Check out the teaser below and come Sunday, you can find the entire series at omcityseries.com or vimeo.com/omcityseries. Namaste.