Weird Al Drops Polka-fied ‘Squidbillies’ Theme Song Cover, Listen

Weird Al Drops Polka-fied ‘Squidbillies’ Theme Song Cover, Listen

The Squidbillies theme song has been sketch-rocked, country fried, folked out, organ-ized, and now, thanks to Weird Al Yankovic, it’s been polka-fied. The latest artist to cover the :30 musical interlude, Weird Al proudly said of his version, “I think any song sounds significantly better as a polka, and the Squidbillies theme is certainly no exception.” You can check out what he did with it below.

Weird Al has a long history of polka-fying popular songs with his trusty accordion. In fact, creator Ray Padgett interviewed Weird Al for his book, Cover Me: The Stories Behind The Greatest Cover Songs Of All Time. Padgett speaks to Weird Al about why he started doing the polka covers, his process for recording them, the joys of licensing and more. AV Club recently published the Weird Al passage from Padgett’s book. You can read it here. For more information about Padgett’s book, which is out now, go here.

As far as his Squidbillies cover, Weird Al has taken some liberties with the lyrics, which we’ve seen before. When Kurt Vile covered the song, he also made some minor tweaks. In the case of Weird Al, he changes “sons of bitches” to “polka people.” Weird Al’s version will air with the episode that runs on Sunday, November 26th at midnight, which is entitled “Tortuga de Mentiras”, or turtle lies.

This season of Squidbillies has found Steve Earle, Ty Segall, Against Me!, Bob Mould, Camper Van Beethoven, and Altanta Braves organist Matthew Kaminski recording covers of the show’s theme song. Past seasons have featured the likes of Father John Misty, Band of Horses, Alabama Shakes, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Todd Rundgren.

Written and produced by Dave Willis and Jim Fortier, Squidbillies is now in its 11th season at Adult Swim. The show follows the Cuyler family, a clan of Squids living in rural Georgia.